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About Me

HI! My name is Allison Traylor and I'm an Assistant Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Clemson University. I also lead the Advancing Research on Teams (ART) lab at Clemson. My research focuses on teamwork and diversity in organizations.

I'm a proud native of Louisville, Kentucky and spend most of my free time hanging out with my husband, son, dog, and cat.

Advancing Research on Teams (ART) Lab

The Advancing Research on Teams (ART) lab, led by Dr. Allison Traylor, focuses on understanding how to promote inclusive teamwork in organizations.

Undergraduate students can get involved through Clemson's Creative Inquiry (CI) program, and graduate students can get involved via our Ph.D. program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or M.S. program in Applied Psychology.

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Current Graduate Students

Liz Bell

2nd Year Ph.D. Student

Gabby Rufrano

2nd Year Ph.D. Student

Mike Beavers

1st Year Ph.D. Student

Undergraduate Research

Dr. Traylor currently leads one undergraduate Creative Inquiry team entitled Improving Inclusion with Diversity Training (#2197). We are almost always accepting new students on the team!

In addition, Dr. Traylor works with Dr. Marissa Shuffler and the DIGITAL Lab at Clemson on a number of other teamwork-related CI projects. Students interested in these projects can reach out to Dr. Traylor directly.

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